Debt credit balancing by credit

Many consumers know the feeling: You look at the account and realize that once again no money is available. That everything has already been used up, although the month is far from over. What to do in such a moment? Leave the fridge empty? Or rather use the Dispo to lead a reasonably regulated life?

Many opt for the dispensary in such a situation and use it to not only fill the refrigerator, but also to ensure that all expenses can be met and that no invoices go unanswered.

However, one must then be able to live with it, that the use of the Dispos costs a lot of money. Because the effective interest, which is called by most banks at the Dispo, has it in itself and ensures that many can not restore a quick compensation. Because all efforts are eaten up by the interest, so that an escape from the “Dispofalle” is only possible if you can balance the credit line through a loan. But for this to succeed, it is not only important that you react quickly. It is also important that all the conditions for a dispensation balance agree. Because otherwise it will be difficult to achieve a quick and effective compensation.

Not at the house bank

Not at the house bank

First of all, one should undertake to settle the credit line through credit not to perform at the house bank. Who wants to take a installment loan with his house bank, in order to compensate there the Dispo, which must not be surprised, if the house bank does not hold a good loan offer.

Because at the Dispo the house bank earns a lot of money. The interest in a settlement is therefore rather low from this side, since an installment loan is accompanied by a significantly lower interest rate, which means that the bank earns accordingly less money.

Anyone wishing to settle an outage loan through credit must therefore contact an independent bank and apply for the loan there. In the best case a installment loan, as this is not asked for what the money from the loan should be used. Therefore, the lending bank does not know that you have problems with your expenses and can not conclude that the default risk for the loan is too big. If that were the case, the chances of getting a loan are particularly bad. Because then no independent bank would make a good loan offer.

Sum up all debts

Sum up all debts

Anyone who takes the step and wants to balance the credit line through a loan, should think of the loan amount not only to the Dispo, but also to other possible liabilities that have already accumulated and due to the poor financial position could not be served or in the near future can be operated.

Anyone who takes out a loan should always cover all debts, so that in the end only one creditor remains and one does not challenge the financial situation even more with the loan. On top of that, the revenue and expenditure situation always has to be reconsidered in this context, so that the MRP is not permanently used. It can only ever be spent the money, which was taken in advance. Anyone who has problems here should keep a household book and check all expenses for the necessity. Because who lives permanently above his circumstances, sooner or later ends up in the debt trap and will no longer have his debts under control. And this is really not desirable.

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